Independent Life and Style

Independent life and style are a very important aspect of women’s independence. Women are not subject to work or family, but the concern of women for their safety has always been a concern for both men and women. The subject of women’s safety has been turned on its head in the 21st century, in fact the whole idea of men and women being the same has become a fiction; women have moved away from their former role and made their lives independently as well.

There is no real difference between men and women, other than that one is male and the other female. The term independent life and style are applicable to the modern woman who has reached the age of independence and free movement in life. This state of affairs has paved the way for women to progress ahead of men socially and economically, while most importantly the question of physical safety has also been put to rest.

The fabric of women’s clothing during the period of independence, was not very different from what it was prior to independence. In fact, clothing of the era was more expensive and luxurious than it is today and the concept of women and men being the same was just a notion in the minds of most people in those days.

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In the old world (that is prior to the period of independence) women used to be more conservative in nature. Their clothing was mainly conventional, yet expensive and of moderate and simple design. The fabric of the clothing used to be manufactured using strong cotton and that of wool were used to a lesser extent.

Nature has changed and it is easy to see the reason behind this change in nature. In fact it was the need for women to be independent that led to the introduction of the clothing styles associated with the period of independence and even during the time of medieval times, though the styles were much more relaxed and expensive.

The fabrics and clothing available in those days were of such quality that women used to feel comfortable with them and even wear them. But the need for women to be independent and of self directed life led to the increasing interest in ladies clothes. And as this started the fabric of women’s clothing became more liberal in nature.

The introduction of modern fabric has led to a gradual changing of the fabric of women’s clothing. It was the western women’s interest in fashion and they led the way in manufacturing these new and liberating fabrics. These fabrics gave birth to womens wear that providing better comfort and also allowed a woman to move freely in the society without any limitation.

While Indian women have followed the western trends and the creation of wome wear, the western clothing did not remain confined to the eastern part of the world. Indian women, who could afford to buy western women’s clothing, also started looking out for different and beautiful styles of clothing. They started using those fabrics as their fashion statement.

This had an effect on Indian women. They started designing their own dresses, not following the western fashion as others did. The patterns they used were of such a style that no one can argue that they had designed them.

As a result of the introduction of new fabrics, independent life and style became very popular amongst Indian women. With the increase in the number of designers, fashion became very popular among Indian women. Thus the Indian fashion industry started increasing rapidly.

The rise in the number of designers also encouraged more interest in fashion among Indian women. This helped women to raise the consciousness about the importance of fashion in their lives and hence independent life and style came into being.

Today Indian women prefer to wear casual clothing and use the rich colors and textures of the colors they have come to love wearing. They also opt for the designs in vibrant colors to make themselves look more vibrant and livelier.